Improve the quality, efficiency and diversity of your exploratory test sessions

AIFEX - the platform for Exploratory Testing

``So it is with exploratory testing (ET): simultaneous learning, test design and test execution.''

J. Bach


Design your session by defining its scope and purpose. Give it a name, set the URL of your web application, choose one of our record configuration and give a short description. In less than 2 minutes your new session will be ready to run.


Run your session either by using our browser extension or by integrating our script within your web application. Our browser extension visually presents all the performed explorations helping you to add diversity. Our script monitors the users of your web application.


Analyze your session by looking at all the explorations. You will be able to see all the bug reports expressed by the testers. By looking at the session traces you will be able to detect some new interesting things or to check some of your assumptions. Furthermore, our IA will help you to measure the frequency of the testers/users' behaviors.

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